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Peter Fuller

"Return to the homeland after 40-year ‘journey'", Migration, Dept. of Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs, Belconnen, ACT, October/November, 1988, p.32

Michael Griffith

"Peter Skrzynecki: the revelation of a Landfall beyond any known map", Southerly, Vol 54, No 3, 1994, pp.119-128

Angela Bennie

"Mary Street and me," The Sydney Morning Herald, Summer Arts, January 8, 1997, p.33

Uli Krahn

"How Nourishing is Nature: Imaginary possession of landscape in Harpur and Skrzynecki", Southerly, Vol 60, No 3, 2000, pp.29-38

Lorraine Antonini et al (ESL Writing Team)

"Peter Skrzynecki's Immigrant Chronicle", ENGLISH ESL, HSC Study Guide, Five Senses Education Pty Ltd, Seven Hills 2001

Marcelle Freiman

"Poems of change: Peter Skrzynecki Immigrant Chronicle", Metaphor, Journal for the English Teachers Association of NSW, Issue 4, Oct. 2001. pp 67 - 70


Articles by Peter Skrzynecki

"The Faith that did not die", The Catholic Leader, Sep.3, 1989, p.2

"Of Eagles, mountains and hymns', ed. J.S Ryan Australian Folklore, Number 7, September 1992, Australian Folklore Association, Inc., University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 2351

"Paradox of the empty socks" (Or, Slowing down to hurry up), in Striking Chords , ed. Sneja Gunew & Kateryna O Longley, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1992

"Ulysses in New England: A Tribute to Judith Wright", in POETRY, ed. Ivor Indyk & Elizabeth Webby, Southerly No 3, Angus & Robertson, 1992, pp.101-106

"Beyond Psalm 46", John Coburn Prints 1959-2000, Australian Galleries, Sydney, 2000, pp.5-8

"Blessings in disguise: A Personal Tribute to Judith Wright," Heat 15 OUT)BACK , Giramondo Publishing Co., Sydney, 2000, pp313-315

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