FAQ: According To The Poem What Was The White Man’s Burden?

According to Kipling, the “white man’s burden” is the responsibility of Western countries to “civilize” peoples in other lands through imperialism and to impose their cultural standards on them.

What is the main idea of the White Man’s Burden?

”The White Man’s Burden” was a poem by Rudyard Kipling published in 1899. The poem addressed the United States’ shift from isolationism, a foreign policy where countries keep to themselves, to imperialism, a foreign policy where countries expand their influence through peace or force.

What is the white man’s burden according to the poem quizlet?

The white man’s burden, according to the poem, is to civilize those deemed uncivilized by ruling them. The poem describes the Philippine people as both children and fiends, seemingly unable to properly govern themselves.

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Which best describes the white man burden?

white man’s burden. A phrase used to justify European imperialism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; it is the title of a poem by Rudyard Kipling. The phrase implies that imperialism was motivated by a high-minded desire of whites to uplift people of color….

What did the term white man’s burden mean quizlet Chapter 17?

What did the term “white man’s burden” mean? Domination of non-whites by white people was necessary for the progress of civilization.

What is the tone of White Man’s Burden?

With his tone of command urging the white landowners of the United States to “Take up the White Man’s burden”1, Kipling is implying that the USA must now carry the torch of imperialism once held by Great Britain as well as other European nations.

How does the white man’s burden relate to imperialism quizlet?

how did the “White Man’s Burden” cause imperialism? Europeans felt superior to natives they came across in lands all over the world. Colonization and exploitation of other people’s lands was justified among Europeans as an obligation to “civilize” natives.

Who was White Man’s Burden written by?

As the United States waged war against Filipino insurgents, the British writer and poet Rudyard Kipling urged the Americans to take up “the white man’s burden.”

What is the best description of Rudyard Kipling’s concept of the white man’s burden?

What is the message of “The White Man’s Burden”? Kipling is urging the whites (the U.S.) to take up the “burden” of empire, as had Britain and other European nations done before – despite of it being hard and thankless work.

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What was the result of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire quizlet?

Terms in this set (5) (pg 582), a fire in New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist Company in 1911 killed 146 people, mostly women. They died because the doors were locked and the windows were too high for them to get to the ground. Dramatized the poor working conditions and let to federal regulations to protect workers.

What explains the appeal of Lost Cause mythology for Southern whites in the late 19th century?

What explains the appeal of the Lost Cause mythology for Southern whites in the late nineteenth century? It helped southern whites cope with defeat but preserve white supremacy. Americans have referred to the 1890s as the women’s era because: women’s economic opportunities and roles in public life expanded.

How did the Civil War come to be remembered by the 1890s as the white North and South moved toward reconciliation?

How did the Civil War come to be remembered by the 1890s as the white North and South moved toward reconciliation? As a tragic family quarrel among white Americans, in which blacks played no significant part. The United States would have been barred from annexing the archipelago.

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