I Wonder Why The Grass Is Green Poem?

I wonder why the grass is green, And the wind is never seen? Who taught the birds to build a nest, And told the trees to take rest? Or, when the moon is not quiet round, Where can the missing bit be found? Who lights the stars, when they blow out, And makes the lightning flash about?

What is green the grass is green poem?

Green is the grass And the leaves of trees Green is the smell Of a country breeze… Green is a coolness You get in the shade Of the tall old woods Where the moss is made. Green is a fl utter That comes in Spring When frost melts out Of everything.

Where can the missing bit be found I wonder why question answer?

Answer: The missing bit can be found like that you should saw the part from where eaten must have pieces of it can be thrown in dustbin or some things below and can be in the corner.

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Who wrote the poem wonder?

Wonder by Thomas Traherne | Poetry Foundation.

Why is the grass green?

The website LiveScience answered it best: Like many plants, most species of grass produce a bright pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll absorbs blue light (high energy, short wavelengths) and red light (low energy, longer wavelengths) well, but mostly reflects green light, which accounts for your lawn’s color.

What is the Hindi word for poem?

IPA: poʊəmHindi: पोअम

Why the wind is never seen?

Air is transparent to our eyes because we have evolved retinas that are sensitive to the very wavelengths of light that pass through it unobstructed – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see anything at all. Wind is just moving air, caused by pressure differences in the atmosphere.

Who taught the birds?

Answer: Birds learn the art of nest making from their parents.

What things in the first stanza tell you that the poet is curious?

The poem says that two roads diverged in a yellow wood. The roads are diverged in such a way that anyone can get confused. The first stanza says that the poet is very curious to know that which road ends at his desired destination. But at the end, he decides that he could keep it for any other day, and walks back away.

What are the things of nature that the poet keeps wondering at?


What is an I wonder poem?

This activity encourages students to develop their curiosity about a topic by asking authentic questions in the form of a poem. Using the poem “I Wonder” by Jeannie Kirby as a model, students express their own questions through the structure of a poem.

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What happened to the stars sometimes?

Answer: The stars always appear at night but disappear as the morning comes. This occurrence makes the poet to think that there is a person who light up the stars as the night comes and the lightning flash in the night sky.

Who wrote the poem first day at school?

In this Class 2 poem “First Day at School”, the poet Aileen Fisher has brought out the same emotions. The narrator of the poem is a kid who is wondering how his first day of school will be.

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