Question: What Is The Meaning Of The Poem The River God?

The poem describes the deceased woman as being unforgotten, but never found. It is conceivable to think of a young Stevie Smith watching the ancient river and wonder what is hiding beneath its waves, informed by her own depression, and by her own perspective on death as an inevitable and undeniable release.

What is the tone of the river god poem?

There is a feeling of disdain in this poem from the river [god] to the people as well. Just as much as it rejoices in the swimmers who know what they are doing, it makes snide comments about the ones who do not follow the rules as they “take their time drowning” and dying within its grasp.

Who wrote the river god poem?

River God by Stevie Smith. And I like the people to bathe in me, especially women.

When was the river god poem written?

About “The River God” 2 contributors. “The River God” ( 1950 ) is haunting, dreamlike, strange and open to interpretation. “The River God” may symbolise Death, Nature, the relationship between men and women, especially possessiveness. The poem was inspired by the River Mimram in Hertfordshire (AQA).

What kind of character does the River God appear to be?

The central character that narrates ‘The River God’ is immediately presented to the reader as being a river, and we begin with a fairly bleak self-portrait — that the river is “smelly,” “old,” “rough,” and “reedy.” It’s almost as though the river views itself as being an old man, but it speaks with a piece of

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Who is the Greek god of rivers?

Achelous, who was worshipped as the god of fresh water, was chief among his 3,000 brothers, and all springs, rivers, and oceans were believed to issue from him. His father was Oceanus, and either Tethys (according to Hesiod) or Gaea (according to Alcaeus) was his mother.

Is River God based on a true story?

Historical accuracy The novel contains a two-page afterword in which Smith claims the novel is based on a set of scrolls discovered in an Egyptian tomb which dates back to approximately 1780 BCE. The scrolls were said to have been discovered by an Egyptologist, Dr.

Who is the river god that Achilles fought?

SKAMANDROS (Scamander) was a River-God of the Troad in north-western Anatolia (modern Turkey). During the Trojan War he tried to drown the hero Akhilleus (Achilles) but was driven back by Hephaistos (Hephaestus) with flame.

Is there a river god?

THE POTAMOI were the gods of the rivers and streams of the earth, all sons of the great earth-encirling river Okeanos (Oceanus). Their sisters were the Okeanides (Oceanids), goddesses of small streams, clouds and rain, and their daughters were the Naiades, nymphs of springs and fountains.

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