Quick Answer: What Is The Poem Mirror By Sylvia Plath About?

Written from the point of view of a personified mirror, the poem explores Plath’s own fears regarding aging and death. The mirror insists that it objectively reflects the truth—a truth that greets the woman who looks in the mirror each day as a “terrible” reminder of her own mortality.

What is the message of the poem mirror by Sylvia Plath?

The central purpose of Plath’s poem “Mirror” is to explain how people can look at themselves and not really see the whole picture about their true identity. Plath states that the mirror offers one of the only true reflections of who one really is. It is the mirror which offers the truth with no preconceptions.

Why did Sylvia Plath write mirror?

While it is impossible to say exactly why Plath wrote “Mirror,” there’s no reason to believe her motive for writing this poem was any different from that of her other poems: to express abstract emotions and a state of mind that cannot easily be captured in prose.

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What is the meaning of the last two lines in mirror by Sylvia Plath?

In these two lines, drowning and rising in the lake metaphorically describe aging. The woman has “drowned” a young girl in the lake – but we don’t think she has actually drowned anyone. Instead, the young girl who used to look into the lake is gone, having grown into a woman.

What is a mirror poem?

Palindromic poems (also known as palindrome poetry or mirrored poetry) combine poetic form with line palindromes or mirror-image word-unit palindromes.

What lesson does the poem mirror teach us?

Answer Expert Verified The mirror tells the real truth of life that as one ages one doesn’t look beautiful anymore. One becomes uglier in appearance. The moral is that we all age gradually, and will lose our beauty some day for sure. Not believing this truth is not good for us.

What is theme of the poem?

Theme is the lesson or message of the poem.

What does the mirror represent?

Mirrors reflect light which allows them to reflect the world around them. In spiritual concepts, light is a powerful symbol of wisdom and awareness. As a consequence, mirrors are symbols and carriers of truth and reflect what our truth is.

How does the poem The mirror by Sylvia Plath relate to feminism?

This relates to feminism because of women’s often fraught relationship with beauty and aging. Society’s ideal woman is both beautiful and young, so women tend to become more self-conscious as they age. The mirror symbolizes society’s obsession with beauty, which unduly impacts women more so than men.

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What type of poem is mirror by Sylvia Plath?

The poem “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath is written in free verse. This means that it does not follow a fixed metrical pattern, but rather that the rhythm of the lines is meant to project the emotions the poet intends to evoke in the reader. The poem is separated into two stanzas, each consisting of nine lines.

Why is the woman agitated that the lake mirror reflects her faithfully how does the woman’s reaction support the idea that she is conflicted?

In the second stanza, why is the woman agitated that the lake (mirror) reflects her “faithfully”How does the woman’s reaction support the idea that she is conflicted? The woman still turns to them because she has nowhere else to go. This reveals the mirrors perspective as it shows that it is true to be all told.

What is the imagery in mirror by Sylvia Plath?

The mirror imagery in Plath’s poetry, therefore, signifies the consciousness of the woman-speaker who verbalizes the creative process of a woman artist in the domain of male-dominated literature. The woman artist has to resist the critical and judgemental male gaze to arrive at her own autonomous self -expression.

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