Readers ask: What Is The Significance Of The Title Of The Poem “tattoo” By Gregg Shapiro?

What is the significance of the title of the poem “Tattoo” by Gregg Shapiro? It is a symbol for the speaker’s decision to let go of his family’s legacy and carve out his or her own identity. It refers to the system by which people were physically labeled in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

What is Tattoo by Gregg Shapiro about?

‘Tattoo’ is a poem by Gregg Shapiro that describes the speaker’s reaction to his father’s number tattoo. The father is silent about the pain he must have suffered during the Holocaust.

What poetic technique does Shapiro use in this line?

The lines “his bone-crushing hugs” are from the second paragraph of the poem where he, the poet, talks about his father’s actions. This is a form of imagery, where the act of the hugging is given a verbal detailed description, allowing the readers to be able to visually imagine the act.

What does the tattoo represent what does the speaker long to do for his father?

In the poem “Tattoo,” Shapiro uses physical aspects of the speaker’s father to represent both the father’s past and lingering emotional damage. They are more than numbers: they represent the dehumanizing experience of the Holocaust and the father’s reluctance to talk about his painful past.

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Which technique is used in these excerpted lines?

The technique used in the excerpted lines is simile.

What does Shapiro use to create the conceit in the lines above?

What does Shapiro use to create the conceit in the lines above? He uses physical protection to represent emotional protection.

What is a conceit quizlet?

Conceit. A comparison of two unlikely things that is drawn out within a piece of literature, in particular an extended metaphor within a poem.

What does gauze symbolize in the poem?

Throughout the poem, he knew his father was hurting. But his father chose to protect him from the soldiers. The gauze represents protection because he wants to take his father’s place and comfort him from the pain.

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