Readers ask: When I Am Dead My Dearest Poem Analysis?

The speaker of “When I Am Dead, My Dearest” tells a loved one not to worry about remembering her after she has died, because she won’t be able to tell the difference: in death, the speaker says, she will be far removed from the concerns of this world, with no awareness as to whether or not her “dearest” mourns her.

What is the theme of the poem when I am dead my dearest?

The theme of “When I am dead, my dearest” is death and mourning. It explores the idea that mourning is an act performed by the living, for the living, rather than for the dead person.

When I am dead my dearest 1st stanza explanation?

“When I am dead, my dearest” is divided into two stanzas. In the first stanza, the speaker tells her loved one(s) not to mourn her death. This first stanza sounds selfless and it very well may be, but in the second stanza, the speaker detaches herself from her would-be mourners

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What is the message of the poem Remember by Christina Rossetti?

“Remember” is an elegiac poem, focusing on the themes of death, remembrance, relinquishment, and forgiveness. The speaker is Rossetti pondering her impending death and releasing her lover from the responsibility of enshrining her in his memory because she fears it will cause him pain.

How does Rossetti present death in Remember?

The first lines cast the speaker’s death in terms of what she and her beloved won’t be able to do any more when she’s dead and the only way they can come in contact is through memory. The speaker first imagines her death as a journey to a “ silent land,” a place that takes both her body and her voice away from her love.

Where did Christina Rossetti work?

In 1831 Gabriele Rossetti was appointed to the chair of Italian at the newly opened King’s College. The children received their earliest education, and Maria and Christina all of theirs, from their mother, who had been trained as a governess and was committed to cultivating intellectual excellence in her family.

What is the theme of the poem go and catch a falling star?

The theme of John Donne’s poem “Goe, and catche a falling starre” is bitterness at a love betrayed. The speaker invites the reader to try doing impossible things, saying that even if the reader succeeds, there is one impossible thing they will never do: meet a faithful woman.

When did Christina Rossetti write when I am dead my dearest?

The Victorian poet Christina Rossetti wrote “Song (When I am dead, my dearest)” in 1848 at the age of 18, though it wasn’t published until 1862 in her collection Goblin Market and Other Poems.

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Why shall she not feel the rain on the shadow?

In the second stanza, the speaker explains why she isn’t fussed about what her beloved does to remember her after she has died: she will not be there to see the shadows or feel the rain, or hear the nightingale singing; after death, she will be ‘dreaming’, and sleeping, through a perpetual ‘twilight’, and she may

When I am dead your tears will flow but I won’t know cry with me now instead?

When I’m dead, Your tears will flow, But I won’t know. Cry with me now instead. You’ll say words of praise, But I won’t hear. Praise me now instead.

How does Rossetti use imagery in Remember?

By using the image of hand-holding in Remember, Rossetti suggests a kind of possession. By indicating that her lover will no longer be able to hold her by the hand the speaker suggests that he will no longer have any part in her or be able to possess her in the same way as he was perhaps used to.

What type of mood is expressed in the poem?

The tone of a poem may be described using a variety of words such as serious, playful, humorous, formal, informal, angry, satirical, ironical or sad, or any other kind of appropriate adjective. The mood of the poem may be described as idealistic, romantic, realistic, optimistic, gloomy, imaginary or mournful.

How does the speaker in the poem want to be remembered?

The speaker asks the addressee to remember her when she is gone, presumably because the addressee is special to her. The key word – “Remember” – is emphasized by being placed first in the first line. In line 2, the speaker uses a metaphor – “the silent land” – to refer to the eternity of death.

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How does Rossetti present love?

In Rossetti’s view, romantic love simultaneously is equitable, is extremely powerful, requires serious regard for the other’s well-being, and must be tempered, above all else, with a complimentary reverence for God.

What is the effect of the repetition of Remember?

Repetition. The term ‘remember’ runs, like a refrain, throughout the sonnet. However, its power seems to decrease through the poem, rather as if the voice and memory of the speaker is fading from life: The first two imperative verbs are placed at the start rather than the end of the first and fifth lines.

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