Readers ask: Which Symbol In The Poem Represents Satan?

In Paradise Lost, he uses the cormorant to symbolize Satan. Satan takes the form of a bird, to plot his revenge against God. He uses the cuckoo to symbolize betrayal and deceit. Paradise Lost is by far Milton’s most famous piece of literature, but in the poem Sonnet of the Nightingale we see a different side of Milton.

What does Satan symbolize in Paradise Lost?

Satan, one of the main characters in Paradise Lost, failed in the rebellion against the tyranny of Heaven and was cast into the darkness of Hell and led to man’s fall from grace. Lewis depreciate Satan and regard him as a depiction of pure devil. They emphasize Satan’s selfishness, folly or absurdity.

How does Milton describe Satan?

‘On the one hand, Satan can be a hero because he has some heroic features: he is courageous, intelligent, ambitious, quick-witted and fearless. But on the other hand, he is portrayed as revengeful, manipulative, trickish, lying, and vicious individual, and an opponent to the despotic power of God.

What symbols are used in Paradise Lost?


  • Scales of God. While God rarely intercedes personally with his creatures—choosing instead to send intermediaries such as angels or the Son—he sends a powerful sign to Satan when he prepares to battle Gabriel in Paradise.
  • Fruit from Tree of Knowledge.
  • Garden of Eden.
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What is Satan’s attitude in the beginning of Paradise Lost?

What is Satan’s attitude toward God at the beginning of Milton’s Paradise Lost? In Book 1, Satan’s attitude toward God at the beginning of Paradise Lost is an attitude of a petulant child raging at a parent out of jealousy or a sense of unfairness. Satan is jealous of the Son, and that he will become King of Heaven.

What is the animal that represents the devil in Paradise Lost?

In Paradise Lost, John Milton uses the cormorant as a symbol for Satan. A cormorant is a medium to large sized dark seabird. They are known for their long necks, which help them dive down into the sea and catch eels, fish and sea snakes. In book four of

What does Paradise Lost represent?

Its dozen sections are an ambitious attempt to comprehend the loss of paradise – from the perspectives of the fallen angel Satan and of man, fallen from grace. Even to readers in a secular age, the poem is a powerful meditation on rebellion, longing and the desire for redemption.

How is imagery used in Paradise Lost?

Light and Dark Opposites abound in Paradise Lost, including Heaven and Hell, God and Satan, and good and evil. Milton’s uses imagery of light and darkness to express all of these opposites. While the absence of light in Hell and in Satan himself represents the absence of God and his grace.

What literary devices are used in Paradise Lost?

In Paradise Lost, Milton uses imagery, diction, and religious subjects to show the strong conviction Milton retained throughout his life. Throughout Paradise Lost, Milton’s use of imagery, diction, and the subject of the epic poem represents Milton’s strong faith. Paradise Lost also illustrates redemption.

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