What Message Is Conveyed Through The Poem Ozymandias?

The poem Ozymandias is about the transitory nature of life. It asserts that all that we gain in life—wealth, fame and power—are all temporary and are at the mercy of greater forces. It also highlights the irony of King Ozymandias’ arrogance.

What is the message conveyed through this poem?

The message conveyed through this poem is that if one wants to live a peaceful life without tensions, enemies, and problems, he should spend his life in nature, wherein he would be happy and relaxed. He should forget all his desires and rejoice in the glory of nature like a free bird.

Do you think an important message is conveyed through the poem Ozymandias?

Through this poem, two important aspects of life are conveyed. First is the hugeness of the mother nature and the other is the glory and power of a human being. Therefore, the message conveyed through the poem is that nothing in this world is immortal and everything is time- bounded.

What is the speaker trying to convey in Ozymandias?

Firstly, the poem emphasises the transient nature of existence. Time does not stand still and as it marches on, things change. All matter, irrespective of its nature, suffers from the ravages of time in some or other way. In the poem, this is illustrated by the change Ozymandias’ colossal statue has undergone.

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What is the purpose of the poem Ozymandias?

Ozymandias is first and foremost a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of political power, and in that sense the poem is Shelley’s most outstanding political sonnet, trading the specific rage of a poem like “England in 1819” for the crushing impersonal metaphor of the statue.

What are the themes in Ozymandias?

The central theme of Ozymandias is the inevitable (inevitable) demise of rulers and empires. The message is that all the rulers and empires they build will always end up as nothing, no matter how powerful they are. The name Ozymandias comes from a transliteration of the throne name Ramses II into Greek.

What is the central idea of Ozymandias?

The main idea of this poem is that all tyrants are eventually defeated and reduced to nothing. Although Ozymandias thought he was a great and terrifying monarch, ruling over a mighty kingdom, all that is left of him now is a broken statue on an empty desert where his “works” once flourished.

How does Shelley present the theme of power in the poem Ozymandias?

Shelley makes usage of cacophonous alliteration to present the power Ozymandias once had, ‘cold command’ and ‘King of Kings’, these suggest Ozymandias was a stern and authoritative ruler. ‘King of kings’ also alludes to divine power as Ozymandias believed himself to be as or more omnipotent than God.

Does Ozymandias have the legacy he wanted?

Ozymandias believes that his legacy will last forever. Through the sonnet, Shelley implies that legacies are transient and even the most powerful of men fall in the face of time.

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